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Did Prank vs Prank break up?

Did Prank vs Prank break up?

On May 18, 2016, Wellens and Smith announced on BFvsGF they have decided to place their relationship on “hiatus” and they would be taking a break from vlogging for the foreseeable future. They cited relationship problems and stress from daily vlogging as factors for this break.

How old is Jesse from Prank vs Prank?

age 39
Jesse Wellens (born: September 25, 1982 (1982-09-25) [age 39]) and Jennifer “Jen” Smith, formerly known as Jeana online (born: March 15, 1983 (1983-03-15) [age 38]), known by their YouTube channel formerly named PrankvsPrank (currently named Jesse), which was created In 2007.

Why did Jeana and Jesse break up?

Why did Jesse and Jeana break up? In the video posted in May 2016, Jesse and Jeana explain that their relationship turned toxic due to the constant filming they embarked on. Smith goes on to explain that the break up was initiated by Wellens and that she experienced severe depression when they parted ways.

Are BF vs GF back together?

Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith are back together! On their BFvsGF channel, at least. The duo posted a new video together on Aug. 3 for the first time since their heartbreaking split video went crazy-viral on May 18, and it sent their millions of fans into an actual frenzy.

Does Jesse Wellens have a child?

Jesse Wellens’ daughter is called Luchia and she was 13 years old as of 2016, meaning that she’s 18 as of 2021. Luchia’s mother conceived when Jesse was only 19 before he joined the military.

Who is Silent Bob’s wife?

Jennifer Schwalbach Smithm. 1999
Kevin Smith/Wife

Did Jesse Wellens find his daughter?

So while we don’t have a WHOLE lot to go on at the moment, we do know that Jesse has an alleged 13-year-old daughter named Luchia whom was put up for adoption and ended up being adopted by a family living in New York City. She apparently, according to Jesse himself, absolutely exists and this is NOT a prank.

Why did outoftheloop think it was a prank?

Many thought this was a prank at first, but he insisted that he was being sincere and even posted a bunch of information about her in the hopes that someone could help him find her. Eventually people convinced him that he shouldn’t be posted this kind of private information, so he deleted all these twitter post and hasn’t talked about it since.

Is there going to be a Prank vs Prank War?

Hopefully we end up seeing another part to that prank war, but since it’s been the better part of a decade since the last installment, I don’t see it being too likely. Jake and Amir, I haven’t seen them with College Humor in a while

Who are the creators of jstustudios on YouTube?

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When did bfvgf pranks and pranks break up?

According to this article, they broke up in May of last year. In November they had a little spat about the diamond play button award their channel won. Seems they are OK about it now, but there will not be any more BFvGF pranks unless either of them gets a willing participant.