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Can you still jump off the Stratosphere?

Can you still jump off the Stratosphere?

It’s the only sky jump in North America and the highest in the world. SkyJump is a controlled descent, similar to a vertical zip line. The launching pad is located on the 108th floor of The STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod in Las Vegas, 855 feet above the Las Vegas Strip.

Did a man jump off the Stratosphere?

Felix Baumgartner (German: [ˈfeːlɪks ˈbaʊ̯mˌɡaʁtnɐ]; born 20 April 1969) is an Austrian skydiver, daredevil and BASE jumper. He is best known for jumping to Earth from a helium balloon from the stratosphere on 14 October 2012 and landing in New Mexico, United States as part of the Red Bull Stratos project.

How tall is Stratosphere Sky Jump?

261 mSkyJump Powered by MTN Dew / Height

Has anyone died on the Stratosphere in Vegas?

The man who jumped from the Strat Hotel, Casino & SkyPod in Las Vegas Tuesday night died from an apparent suicide, according to the Clark County Coroner’s office. The official cause of his demise was “blunt injuries,” the coroner’s office added.

Are the stratosphere rides safe?

In general, The Stratosphere rides are some of the most intimidating rides I’ve ever seen, but most certainly are worth trying! If you go in with the mindset that the rides are safe and you’re there to have a good time, then you’ll enjoy yourself. Though the rides were a little freaky, I still loved being up there.

How much does it cost to go up in the stratosphere?

On weekdays, tickets to enter the tower cost $25 for adults, $16 for residents of Nevada, members of the military, and senior citizens, $14 for children aged 12 and under, and $5 for guests of the Stratosphere Casino.

How many floors is the stratosphere?

Skyjump. What’s more exhilarating than seeing the city from 108 floors above the world-famous Las Vegas Strip?

Are the Stratosphere rides safe?

How much is the skyjump at the stratosphere?

Hotel guests of the The STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod and Nevada locals can experience SkyJump for a reduced price of $99.99. Hotel guests must show their room key at the SkyJump Store when booking their reservation, and locals must present a Nevada ID when checking in.

How old do you have to be to ride the Stratosphere skyjump?

THE STRAT HOTEL, CASINO & SKYPOD DOES NOT ASSUME ANY LIABILITY FOR PERSONAL INJURY OR LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY. The age requirement is 14 years or older. Riders under 18 years of age must have parental guidance with a valid ID in order to jump.

Where is the launching pad for the stratosphere?

The launching pad is located on the 108th floor of The STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod in Las Vegas, 855 feet above the Las Vegas Strip. Jumpers are harnessed in and attached to a cable that is connected to a descender machine.

How to get a free shot at the stratosphere?

Receive 20% off SkyJump and receive a FREE Liquid Courage shot at 108 Drinks. Must purchase at The STRAT Box Office. Limited space available. Free shot must be from the Liquid Courage Shots menu listings. A non-alcoholic drink substituted upon request and for SkyJumpers under 21. What are the weight requirements? Jumper must weigh under 265 pounds.