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Can you grow heirloom tomatoes in an AeroGarden?

Can you grow heirloom tomatoes in an AeroGarden?

Tomatoes are always in season with AeroGarden! Just drop the Red Heirloom Cherry Tomato seed pods into your AeroGarden and you can have delicious, sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes all year long and for months on end – no sun, soil or green thumb required!

Which AeroGarden is best for tomatoes?

A: A larger aerogarden, like the AeroGarden Bounty Elite, is the best pick for growing tomatoes. Just make sure you select seeds for a small variety of tomatoes, like cherry tomatoes, since full-tomatoes will be too large for any aerogarden.

Do tomatoes grow well in AeroGarden?

There is a solution. Aerogardens are a unique way to grow tomatoes indoors hydroponically. Aerogarden tomatoes are truly homegrown, and they bear fruit throughout the year.

How long does it take for AeroGarden tomatoes to grow?

They grow wonderfully and produce tomatoes for months and months. The last ones gave us tomatoes for about 8 months. The new plants sprouted in about 5 days and now after 3 weeks are about 4 inches tall. We’ll probably have tomatoes in about 6 weeks.

Can you grow cucumbers in AeroGarden?

This is a two-part answer: no, but yes. None of the packaged seed kits contain cucumbers. But there are 2 kits that allow you to grow whatever seeds you want, and the write-up mentions growing cucumbers.

Should I prune AeroGarden tomato plants?

Prune Mature Plants Every 2 Weeks Once your plants are mature, prune them every two weeks to keep them contained. Aerogarden says to “prune the new growth” off the top of the plant, ensuring that you remove the tips of each stem. If your plant is already growing into or beyond the lights, it’s time to get aggressive.

Can you grow tomatoes and peppers indoors?

Jalapenos, Habaneros, Asian peppers and certain dwarf Bells all do extremely well in indoor gardening situations. Because of their size and fast rate of growth, tomatoes and peppers have different nutrient and water needs than your average houseplant. As plants grow, they start using water much faster.

Can I grow strawberries in an AeroGarden?

Did you know that you can grow strawberries in the AeroGarden?! Yup, you read right! The most practical way to grow them is by starting with small live plants that are already mature enough to have flowers. You can order strawberry crowns through us here, or you can get some at a local nursery.

Can you grow cucumbers in an AeroGarden?

Whether you like to grow snap peas, cucumbers, or wildflowers, you can do it with the Grow Anything Kit. Either grow your plants to maturity and harvest right from your AeroGarden or easily transplant seedlings and plants outdoors when the temperatures are ideal – perfect for root cuttings as well.