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Can you drive without a DISA valve?

Can you drive without a DISA valve?

Yes you can drive with disa unplugged. You wont get any codes as there are no sensors on DISA. Your car will NOT run any worse with disa unplugged , unless your DISA gasket is bad and leaking air out. Only possible error codes that may lead you to disa are the lean codes due to a bad gasket on the disa itself.

What does the DISA valve do e46?

The DISA valve is located in the inlet plenum chamber and controls the variable length intake manifold giving better torque at low revs by closing, keeping the intake runner long. After higher engine speeds, it opens up and makes the intake runners shorter for more horsepower.

How do I know if my Disa valve is bad?

Symptoms of BMW DISA Valve Failure

  1. Poor fuel economy.
  2. Rattling noise coming from the engine.
  3. Loss of power at mid and high RPM’s.
  4. Lack of low-end torque.
  5. SES/CEL light and codes for running lean.

Does M52 have Disa valve?

For example, the M52 engine features a DISA valve where you can buy the O-ring as a spare part.

What happens when DISA valve fails?

The first things to usually that go bad on a DISA valve are the seals. As the flap closes, it relies on the seal to keep any excess air from moving through it. When this seal fails, you’ll get excess air in the engine, which ultimately results in poor fuel economy.

Can you delete the DISA valve?

If you’re a cheap ass you can take the flap out and just reinstall the DISA. That would technically delete the DISA. But your car will have a weird power band and won’t be smooth anymore.

How do I know if my BMW is M54 or M56?

Go to and enter the last 7 characters of the car’s vehicle identification number. Hit enter and bookmark the page. It should tell you right away whether the engine is an M54 or an M56.

Can a bad Disa valve cause misfire?

If your disa’s gasket is bad, it’s possible it’s influencing the misfire.