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Can you download text messages from iPhone?

Can you download text messages from iPhone?

Although there is no built-in “Export” feature for you to download iPhone text messages, you can apply a workaround to save text messages on iPhone via the Message app. One of them is to copy an entire text conversation on iPhone and then send it to another device via an email or message.

How do I permanently save text messages from my iPhone?

Make sure you’ve saved an iTunes backup of your iOS device. If your device syncs through iTunes, it will automatically backup everything on your phone (including SMS messages and iMessages) once you connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. If it doesn’t automatically sync, head to File > Devices > Back up.

How can I save my text messages from my iPhone to my computer?

How To Save iPhone text messages

  1. Open Decipher TextMessage and select an iPhone.
  2. Choose a contact whose text messages you want to save.
  3. Select Export as PDF and choose a location on your computer to save the text messages.
  4. Your iPhone text messages have now been saved to you PC or Mac computer as a PDF.

Where are iPhone SMS files stored?

Apple saves your text messages in its iPhone backups—whether they’re saved locally on your PC or they’re part of an iCloud backup—which you should have. That’s good! Unfortunately, the file containing your messages doesn’t appear separately within the backup. However, you can access them through the filesystem.

How do I copy an entire iMessage conversation?

How to Copy the Entire Text Conversation on iPhone

  1. Go to Messages > Enter one conversation.
  2. Hold on to one message and click More.
  3. Select all the text messages, including photos, videos, URLs.
  4. Click the Forward button on the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  5. Copy all the texts to your email or notes.

How do I save an entire text thread?

Android – Quick steps to forever save text messages

  1. Open a Gmail email account if you don’t have one.
  2. Enable the IMAP feature.
  3. Launch SMS Backup+ and select Connect.
  4. Accept the prompt to Backup. All your text messages will start backing up to Gmail and can save them forever.

How can I save my text messages from my iPhone to a flash drive?

To save text messages from iPhone to computer you first need to make a backup

  1. Install iTunes on your computer.
  2. Connect the iPhone to your PC with a USB or Lightning Cable.
  3. Select your device in iTunes.
  4. Choose “Back Up Now.”

How do I view an entire text thread on iPhone?

Open the Messages app in iOS and select the conversation you want to view. Now tap once near the clock (or on either side of the camera notch) at the top of your iPhone or iPad screen. A progress indicator appears as the app scrolls up a few messages at a time.