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Can a domestic cat breed with a Ocelot?

Can a domestic cat breed with a Ocelot?

The Ocicat is an all-domestic breed of cat which resembles a wild cat but has no wild DNA in its gene pool. The breed is unusual in that it is spotted like a wild cat but has the temperament of a domestic animal. It is named for its resemblance to the ocelot….

AACE standard
ACFA/CAA standard
CCA-AFC standard

How big can an Ocicat get?


height 9-11 inches
weight 6 to 15 pounds
life span 12-18 years
good with children seniors dogs cats families
temperament sociable affectionate

Which is the largest domestic cat breed?

Maine Coon Maine Coons
Maine Coon Maine Coons often top the “Biggest Domestic Cat” awards list. They’re known for breaking records in length, owing to their super-long tails.

Is an ocelot a big cat?

The ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) is a medium-sized spotted wild cat that reaches 40–50 cm (15.7–19.7 in) at the shoulders and weighs between 8 and 15.5 kg (17.6 and 34.2 lb). It was first described by Carl Linnaeus in 1758. Two subspecies are recognized.

Can a Lynx mate with a house cat?

Domestic cat × bobcat (Lynx rufus): There are reports of bobcats breeding with domestic cats, but evidence of offspring remains circumstantial and anecdotal. Their interfertility is yet to be proven scientifically.

Can you leave an Ocicat alone?

Playful, curious and highly intelligent, they can be trained. They crave companionship and do not like to be alone for long periods of time. Ocicats look at many things as toys, so it’s best to lock up anything you don’t want to go missing. Some Ocicats have been known to become possessive of their toys.

What big cat is closest to domestic cats?

The closest relatives of domestic cats are the African and European wild cats, and the Chinese desert cat. This means that your cat shared ancestors with these wild cats much more recently than with their most distant relatives (lions, jaguars, tigers and leopards).

Which is bigger Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest cat?

If we look at the male Maine Coon, we can see that it reaches up to 16 inches (40 cm) in height, between 15-25 lbs (6.8-11.3 kg) in weight, and 19-40 inches (48-101 cm) in length. The Norwegian Forest Cat by comparison weighs between 7.9 – 19.8 lbs (3.6-9 kg) (source 1).

Do ocelots eat humans?

While ocelots will not try to kill you, they will play with you which means that their strong jaws, sharp teeth, and claws will dig into your skin. Do yourself a favor and get a domesticated pet instead and leave the ocelot to its natural home in the wild.

What kind of cat is an ocelot cat?

Ocelot Domestic Cat. It is a mix of three cat breeds: Siamese, Abyssinian and American Shorthair. Ironically, the Ocicat was created with the intention of slowing the importation of small wild cats into North America. Ocelots are sometimes imported as “pets”. So these cats are linked in that way.

Can a domestic Ocelot Cat Be Tamed?

Ocelot Domestic Cat. “Ocelot Domestic Cat” is incorrect. People are getting mixed up between the ocelot and the Ocicat. The ocelot is a small, beautifully patterned, wild cat species living in Central and South America and at one time in the south of the United States. It can be tamed but is unsuitable as a domestic cat.

Who was the breeder of the Ocicat cat?

This exotic-looking cat makes people stop and stare, but not many know about this man-made cat. The Ocicat was the result of an experimental breeding program in 1964 while trying to breed an Any-point Siamese, by a cat breeder by the name of Virginia Daly, who lived in Berkley, Michigan.

Which is the largest breed of domestic cat?

Starting with the largest, based on average weight, here are 11 of the biggest domestic cat breeds around. 1. Siberian Cat With a rounded appearance and sweet demeanor, the Siberian was made for cuddles.