7 Best Working Boots for Men in 2020

7 Best Working Boots for Men in 2020

Whether it’s work in construction, mining, hunting, or even shipbuilding, gear for workers is a top security priority. Therefore, buying adequate working boots makes a world of difference when it comes to productivity and safety.

Knowing how to browse not just for brands, but also for the features is important when buying work boots. So, let’s take a look at top-selling brands and see what makes them so popular.

Carhartt Boots

7 Best Working Boots for Men in 2020

Carhartt working boots were first sold in 1889 as a part of the Carhartt workwear brand. They became popular among working men and women due to their comfort, protection, and durability.

The important feature of Carhartt boots is a reinforced toe box, metatarsal guard, and puncture-resistant as protection against injuries and hazards. Another feature is that the toe boxes are made of steel, composite materials, or metal alloys.

And, most Carhartt boots are waterproof which makes them great in all climates and environments. It’s great workwear that’s going to protect you in all conditions.

Caterpillar Boots

Caterpillar imprint, as well as Caterpillar working boots, are highly popular. CAT company was created almost 100 years go, as a first Canadian machine and tool manufacturing company.

CAT boots have a reinforced toe box, additional metal alloys serving as a metatarsal guard, and are highly resistant. Toe guards are made from steel and composite materials. Their best trait is that they are waterproof.

And, they are great for working in various extreme conditions. Unlike other boots on the list, Caterpillar last longer in a harsh environment, especially those with a lot of water or snow.

Their defining quality is their longevity coupled with resistance and durable materials. If you are working on construction sites in cold weather, these boots are your best friend.

Rocky Boots

7 Best Working Boots for Men in 2020

Rocky working boots are designed for hard-working people. These boots are made of high-grade materials and with the latest production technology. They’ll provide you with comfort and protection in every environment.

Rocky boots are without a peer when it comes to foot protection. These boots have a sturdier built, using durable materials, metal plates, metatarsal protection, and steel toe protection. They do an amazing job when it comes to guarding your feet in workplaces where there’s a high possibility of foot injuries.

Thorogood Boots

Thorogood working boots present the craftsmanship developed for over a hundred years. They are made of durable materials since their main use is for heavy-duty outdoor use. These boots are comfy, great for all terrains, and in all weather conditions.

Thorogood boots combine strong materials with reinforced toe box to protect your foot. Unlike other brands, Thorogood doesn’t use metatarsal plates to protect the foot. Instead, Thorogood uses metal, composite materials, or alloys to protect the foot.

All Thorogood shoes are water-resistant, but not all models are waterproof. They provide the wearer with support, comfort, and safety in all environments. It’s an all-around pair of boots great for wetlands and construction sites alike.

Lacrosse Boots

7 Best Working Boots for Men in 2020

Lacrosse working boots are a unique entry on this list due to their outdoor preference. They are the pinnacle of rubber boots. And, they are great for hunting, working outside, or moving through rugged terrains.

The biggest concern with harsh terrains and with unpredictable weather is keeping your feet solid. Without proper support, you won’t be able to work. And, you’ll risk hurting your feet. Lacrosse boots are sturdy, durable, and comfortable.

What makes Lacrosse boots different is that they don’t use the steel toe reinforcement. Unlike other brands on the list, they rely solely on the strength of materials to protect your feet. That’s why they are better like hunting boots rather than working boots.

Still, there are models that are harder and stronger, and they can protect you in harsh environments and construction sites alike. By far, they are the best multi-purpose boots on the list.

Carolina Boots

7 Best Working Boots for Men in 2020

Carolina working boots are boots that perfectly combine quality materials with technological innovations. They are perfect for a dynamic work environment, especially when it comes to both performance and comfort.

Another great thing is that Carolina boots are great for both construction sites and outdoor activities. Carolina boots have a reinforced box and a metatarsal plate to protect your foot. The reinforced toe box can be made of steel, composite materials, and alloys.

Carolina boots’ greatest feature is that they are great for cold weather. They have great insulation, and they can withstand almost any type of cold. Therefore, these boots should be your first pick if you are working in low temperatures and extreme cold.

Danner Boots

Danner work boots are sturdy, durable, heavy-duty workboots. They are built to last, surviving harsh environments and all types of work sites. And, while they boast over 160 models, they are also great for hiking and hunting.

Danner boots offer a lot of protection for your feet. They combine metatarsal plates and reinforced toe box. The toe boxes are made from steel, composite materials, and alloys. Still, the use of various materials doesn’t restrict movement or interfere with your ability to move in harsh environments.

However, while they are great for protecting your feet, they have another feature. They are one of the most comfortable working boots in existence. If you want to enjoy the highest comfort while you are working then Danner boots are made for you.

Best Working Boots

In the end, it’s all about your needs. While each brand gives you features and advantages, you should pick the one that would fit your job description the best.

And, don’t be afraid to make a little investment. When you are working construction, your feet can’t be compromised. Protect them well with the right pair of boots.